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Suoni per il Popolo is a festival of alternative and avant-garde music which takes place every June in Montreal, Canada.
From 2003 to 2010 we celebrated this event with a commemorative poster printed in the time-honoured tradition of handset wood type.
Comprise one, several or all of the following:
woodcut, linocut, wood and foundry type, bold ideas and a dash of impudence.
ART BOXES 2010 A diminutive space odyssey.
Paper is an invariable element in our work both as an integral component and also as a source of inspiration. It provides a support for our chosen media - the printed form and drawing as well as a vast assortment of printed ephemera be it receipt, ticket or obsolete map. Old maps in particular are not only beautiful they also prevent us from getting lost.
Sartorially elegant, entirely handmade, glass fronted and bound in unusual papers, each containing a printed element. Sealed for eternity.